How to make a floral crown.

Easy Floral Crown

Since our floral crowns turned out to be central to our BlogHer experience, we figured we should share how to make them. Our original crowns were part of a brand display by @gardenmedia (which made me wonder why more brands don’t offer craft activities for marketing purposes). They looked like this. Sara isn’t rolling her […]

We Hosted An Unauthorized Pop-Up Bar At BlogHer

Frankly, the title of this post should say it all. But it’s not just about hosting an unauthorized pop-up-bar at BlogHer—a thing we did, in fact, do. It’s about taking risks, being creative, and finding your own tribe. It is also about champagne. This year, 75% of 24 Volumes—Sara, Ryan, and Marcella—attended BlogHer. Sara and […]

How to make a Jedi paper paper airplane.

Jedi Paper Airplanes

Use the force, young Padawan! These paper airplanes are the perfect training tool for small Jedis to practice their Force push. To set up a training session, all you need is construction paper and enough space for a good flight path. Check out this Force action! The trick here is that these airplanes are very […]

Airplane paper folding, 70s style.

Airplanes of Paper

Or as they are sometimes known, paper airplanes. As an editor, I can’t say I disagree with the decision to put this project under “airplane” rather than “paper”, but I feel like there has to be some less awkward way to title this. Of the admittedly small number of projects we’ve done so far, this […]

Afghan Stitch

As you would probably assume, our encyclopedic collection of craft projects from the 70s is fairly heavy on the yarn-based activities. Alphabetically, the first one to come up is Afghan Stitch. It’s a crochet favorite. I know this because it says so right here, above the dramatically-lit headshot of our afghan stitch expert, Sandra Vogt: […]