About Us

How We Met

Leigh and Ryan are sisters, and grew up doing crafts together. Marcella and Ryan met in college, and bonded over singing a cappella and back issues of Martha Stewart Living. Ryan and Sara met in 1998 as co-workers at a soul-crushingly poorly managed web design company, and bonded over extended lunch hours visiting antique shops. Over the years we’ve hosted many crafting parties together, and we’re so excited to be working on this project together!


I’m a writer, editor, social media & content manager, and family woman. I like food, crafts, music, and history. I write fiction. I keep it to myself. This may change. Life is about change. Do not be alarmed.

Personal blog: Baker Street Blues
Twitter: @Marcella
Instagram: @bakerstreetblues
Pinterest: Baker Street Blues


Long-time blogger, inconsistent crafter, night owl, nerd girl, scientific method fan, mother, product designer @kiwicrate.

Personal blog: Ryan’s Vintage Blog
Twitter: @RyanMariePilat
Instagram: @ryanmariepilat
Pinterest: Ryan Marie


Cake artist, theatrical designer, PhD student, horror / sci-fi enthusiast, proud auntie, general builder and tinkerer.

Personal blog and portfolio: Do It Myself
Twitter: @LeighAnnCakes


All-around awesome person who hates writing bios.

Personal blog (now): Futuristic Nostalgia
Personal blog (then): Going Jesus
Twitter: @PixieElves
Pinterest: Sewgeeky