About 24 Volumes

24 Volumes Team Photo - Ryan, Sara, Marcella, and Leigh

24 Volumes Team – Ryan, Sara, Marcella, and Leigh

Hi friend, thanks for stopping by! Yes, our plan is in fact to complete every art, craft, and skill in The Family Creative Workshop, all 24 volumes worth. Yes, we know that this is a little nuts. If you’d like an articulate version of why we’re doing this, check out our manifesto, but the short version is that it seems like a lot of fun.

If you’ve never experienced The Family Creative Workshop, it’s amazing. It is a meticulously researched and completely non-ironic encyclopedic collection of craft, where “craft” is defined broadly enough to include both Silversmithing and Astronomy. The picture here should provide some scale.

Our rules for this engagement are:

  1. Every skill presented in the volumes must be completed by at least one member of the team.
  2. Every skill must be completed by someone not already expert in that skill, so every project has some element of learning.
  3. We’ll rarely duplicate the original project exactly. Instead, we’ll put our own spin on it, and try to make it relevant and fun.
  4. It’s A-OK to seek out other sources of instruction (hello, YouTube!), as long as we make an attempt to follow the instructions (mostly) as written.
  5. Have fun with it!

If you’d like to find out more about the bloggers behind the project, you can find bios and individual contact info here. Or you can check out our contact page. Either ways, we’d love to connect!