Hello, world. Let’s craft this thing.

So, um, hi.

We’re new here, so I thought I’d kick things off with an awkward ‘hello, world’ post!

We have an articulate manifest over here that you should probably read, but I thought I’d break in our shiny new blog with an introduction to… the volumes!

The Family Creative Workshop encyclopedia

The complete and total sincerity of these books is fantastic. Every chapter is headed by some slightly wild-eyed hippie-type who is SO EXCITED to share his/her craft. And the time and dedication that went into the editing work is equally amazing. (Although I have to admit I only have the faintest idea what publishing looked like in a pre-digital world, I think it’s safe to assume it was a lot of damn work.)

Our little blogger team has been talking about starting this project for about a year and a half. We never lost the excitement about the idea, life just kept getting in the way. Between kids and jobs and school and travel, we’ve all struggled to make our own interests a priority.

So now, it’s time to commit and remember what got us excited about this idea in the first place. It’s time to learn something new, to be creative, to try something and fail and try again. Here we go.

(And here’s what’s in store… I can’t wait!)

Volume 1: Acrylics to Batik
Volume 2: Beachcombing to Bottle Gardens
Volume 3: Boxes to Card Tricks
Volume 4: Carryalls to Confections
Volume 5: Cosmetics to Egg Decorations
Volume 6: Embroidery to Gingerbread
Volume 7: Glass Working to Hibachi
Volume 8: Hooked Rugs to Lace
Volume 9: Lamps & Shades to Maps & Pathfinding
Volume 10: Marmalades and Preserves to Mosaics
Volume 11: Music Making to Paper Maché
Volume 12: Parades & Festivals to Piñatas
Volume 13: Pin Striping to Puzzles
Volume 14: Quilling to Rope Knotting
Volume 15: Rosemaling to Scrimshaw
Volume 16: Sculpture to Silhouettes
Volume 17: Silversmithing to Sprang
Volume 18: Square Dancing to Sugar Shapes
Volume 19: Sundials to Tatting
Volume 20: Tea to Toys
Volume 21: Traditional Knitting to Vegetable Dyes
Volume 22: Vinegars to Winter Sculpture
Volume 23: Wire Sculpture to Zoetrope Toys
Volume 24: Index

Let’s craft this thing.

* If we were a team of superheros, “Let’s craft this thing!” would be the thing we yelled before going out to kick some ass.

** Our superpower would obviously be blinding people with glitter.