The 24 Volumes Manifesto

Do you make things?


(This includes cooking eggs. Do you cook eggs?)

The art of making is to turn things into other things. Sometimes we make by putting things on other things, or in other things, or lighting things on fire, possibly inadvertently. (These things happen.)

For example, turning raw eggs into food is making.

If you make things, then you’re a crafter. So stop saying you’re not a crafter. It’s too late—you’re one of us!

Most crafting was once mandatory. If you didn’t build chairs, raise plants, sew quilts, or bake bread, you had to resign yourself to a cold, chair- and food-free life.

These days, pretty much anything that can be crafted (and that includes eggs) can be purchased. And that’s great! We have chairs, food, blankets, and sliced bread.

But we don’t know how to make these things. The knowledge of how to make many arts and crafts is being lost. And lost knowledge is sad.

We’ve challenged ourselves to try every art, craft and skill in the Family Creative Workshop. That’s more than 245 areas of knowledge, which translates into “a lot of making”.

We firmly believe that we can learn pretty much any skill we set our minds to. And you can, too.

Come and craft with us—or watch us fail spectacularly.

How hard could it be?

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