All healthcare services largely depend on their management systems 为 their smooth functioning. 卫生和社会照顾管理 一个不断发展的领域是由于什么 增长 在医疗保健行业.

According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, the job outlook 为 医疗管理 预计 增加32% 在这十年(2020-2030年).

的一些 原因 对于这个 快速增长 are the increased demand 为 healthcare services and raising awareness about health. The recent pandemic situation has contributed further to this cause. 这里还有三个 原因 预计就业人数 增长医疗管理:

  1. Increase in Elderly Population and Chronic 条件

9.31%的 world’s population was 65 years of age or older in 2020. 2010年,这个数字是7.5%的人口. A census report by the UN says that the number of elderly people will double by 2050. This increase means an increased demand 为 health and social care managersi.

Chronic diseases are also at an all-time high. 根据疾控中心的说法, 10个成年人中有6个 have a chronic illness and 4 out of 10 have two or more chronic illnesses.

This data predicts the changes needed in the current healthcare system. 医疗管理 can help facilitate doctors to provide such long-term care more competently.

  1. Medical Advancement and Increased Awareness

There is an increasing shift towards healthier living specifically among the younger population. They are making better food choices and being more proactive about seeking medical help.

The rates of elective surgeries are also increasing including many preventive and cosmetic surgeries.ii This implies that more people are visiting the doctor. 因此, the increasing strain on already overloaded healthcare systems is leading to increase in the requirement 为 health and social care managers.

Digitalization is also posing new challenges. Hospitals and social care settings need management professionals specially trained in IT and its application in the healthcare system.

  1. 产业中的文化转变

Economical shifts are creating an ever-growing middle class.3 This means a rise in the demand 为 af为dable and high-quality healthcare. Patients now have more liberty to choose and shop 为 medical care, much like they do in other service sectors.

The increase in consumerism in medicine can also be attributed to this 增长 in 卫生和社会照顾管理.iv

Out-of-pocket costs 为 the patients have increased over the years.  More value-为-money and a good overall experience are now priorities 为 both patients and the healthcare businesses. Patients are now more knowledgeable and prefer to be kept in the loop and be more involved in decisions about their well-being.v All this requires managers who have expertise in health or social care.


Patient behaviors have often been the driving 为ce behind many changes in healthcare. This industry’s future depends on its smooth and competent management – from patient satisfaction to bridging the communication gap between doctors and patients.

You can prepare 对于这个 changing landscape by acquiring a 卫生和社会护理硕士 管理. It can be a worthy investment 为 those who want to boost their careers and become qualified 为 high-ranking positions.